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Merry Welcome to my blog page! 

I am so excited to go through this journey with you.  As we go along this path, I plan to post on a frequent basis. I don't want you to get bored, but at the same time I also don't want to bombard you with postings.  Because to be honest, I'm kinda private.  A woman of few words.  But with that being said, my topics might range from the personal, to decorating, to my experience with recent services and purchases, all the way to general musings on life.  I do hope that you will want to come back for more!  Thanks so much for stopping by.


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With Valentine's Day almost here I had to add another post about it cause quite frankly I love LOVE! Who doesn't want the warm fuzzies and the incredible high that this thing called love brings. I was travelling cross country and found the best tribute to February 14. I wanted to get the link or download the story but couldn't find it online. The best I can do is show you some of the author's handiwork. This was in the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction CO. The author is Rachel Sauer. Hoping you can read her prose, these are just some snippets that don't quite do her spread justice, but you get the picture.


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