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I have had a varied background. I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana.  After high school, rather than head off to college, I made the impulsive move to head west and ended up in Southern California.  I was fortunate to land a job with a great employer and worked my way up from clerk to mid-level management over the course of 18 years.  I have worked in field offices, corporate headquarters, the executive suite, and even in the air.  I spent close to 10 years as a facilities manager who oversaw the daily management of corporate facilities responding to corporate client tenant requests and managing remodels and new site construction projects.


I earned my bachelors in business administration, with an emphasis in marketing.  A short time later I earned my MBA. 


Why Merry Welcome?  After each move and/or remodel when visitors (friends, family, contractors, realtors) came to my home I was repeatedly told I should be "in the business".  My passion is to remodel, renovate and decorate. But I also love to organize, prioritize, and help others.  After the death of my husband, I learned first-hand how much “stuff” survivors have to deal with upon a death.  Numerous financial and life decisions must be made; many with the clock ticking and impending deadlines.  Upon analysis, I decided that I want to help others so the ball doesn’t get dropped, the stress is eased, and hopefully your day is brightened.  Yes, decorating will be a part of my business, but it will be so much more. I will transform your home into an efficient yet beautiful place of refuge.


I want to assure you that I will bring the same professionalism, dedication, and respect to you and your home that I would expect.  I look forward to meeting and providing service to you. Just as I have recaptured my joy, I hope to spread the joy to you and your family. Thanks, and I wish you a Merry Welcome.




Every time I walk through my door into my house, I think "I love my home"!  The feeling especially hits me after I've been on the road for a while.  And, the sentiment is echoed by visitors to my home.  Visitors tell me my home is so inviting and welcoming.

Wouldn't  you love to feel the same way whenever you come home?  Let me help you come home to a Merry Welcome.

Why Choose Me...


  • I can eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed with:

    • Your time

    • Your home

    • Your life

  • Innate sense of style, taste, and design

  • I love what I do

  • Count on me to be dependable, reliable, trustworthy and consistent

  • Not desperate to make a buck, in business to enrich my customer's life

  • Each job will be my best job

  • Always learning & growing to better myself and profession

  • Insured and licensed

  • Certified

  • Trained

Current member of NAPO, National Association for Professional Organizers and

IAHSP, International Association  of Home Staging Professionals​

  • I truly care about you and your home

  • Because your home is your refuge and a reflection of you

  • Make room for you and your family first, then allow your stuff to occupy the space left over

Meet Lana

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