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ornemanistes: the one that made ​​ornaments for  the decoration inside
This was the first term for an interior decorator as developed in Renaissance France. The ornemaniste Abbe Jaubert wrote in his 1773 Dictionary of Arts and Crafts: "The decorator is the only person who knows how to use the talent of each artist to best advantage, to arrange the most elaborate pieces of furniture, to position them to best effect...

It is necessary to have a good eye,
to have a good knowledge of design,
...and to create an ensemble that will give a pleasing impression.

Personal Assistant
  • Transform your home from blah to ahh

    • One room​, or

    • One space, or

    • Whole house

  • ​Refresh, redesign, or rearrange

  • Home downsizing

  • Maximize your space

  • Develop a color scheme

  • Use existing items or

  • Help purchase new

  • Create a functional home you love.


  • I'll help you consider your environment and create a space of nourishment, mutual respect and calm.

  • Let's Make it a Merry Welcome.

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