July 4, 2018

I hadn't been to a parade in my hometown for years.  Last year, I finally went.  To my surprise it was still fun.  Can't believe how everyone still comes out to celebrate the birth of our nation.  It's a great day to celebrate our nation, freedom, summer, and each othe...

May 13, 2018

I wrote this poem to enter a contest many years ago.  And I actually won a 2nd place prize.  Of course, it's about my mom.  When we are growing up we often don't appreciate how hard our moms work to make our lives better.

I love you mom!

April 16, 2018

It has almost been a year since I sold my home.  I've been trying to decide what part of the country I want to live in.  Do I keep my foot in California or go somewhere else?  I've been so ready to get settled again and it was a toss-up between California or my home st...