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Merry Welcome to my blog page! 

I am so excited to go through this journey with you.  As we go along this path, I plan to post on a frequent basis. I don't want you to get bored, but at the same time I also don't want to bombard you with postings.  Because to be honest, I'm kinda private.  A woman of few words.  But with that being said, my topics might range from the personal, to decorating, to my experience with recent services and purchases, all the way to general musings on life.  I do hope that you will want to come back for more!  Thanks so much for stopping by.


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Bedroom Bliss, Goodnight Kiss

Bedroom Decor

I am amazed at how often the master bedroom can be the most neglected room in the house. Please don't fall into this trap and make your room nothing more than an afterthought. This should be the absolute picture of bliss. It really doesn't take much to pull this off. Just follow these guidelines.

  1. Think like a minimalist. You want the bedroom to feel uncluttered and provide a sense of calm.

  2. Try a calming, subdued color scheme. Use soft pastel colors close in hue or tone-on-tone.

  3. An upholstered headboard is the most comfortable for sitting up in bed.

  4. Be sure to have a nightstand on each side of the bed. Utilizing feng shui, this is important especially if you are single because it gives the vibe that you are open to having someone share your bed. Hmmm... Your bedside tables don't need to match. However, you should use matching lamps to unify the look.

  5. Create room for romance. I have a confession. My friend's father passed away and she found a book he had hidden about bringing romance into your life. She immediately threw the book in the trash. I dug it out to read. One takeaway was that your bedroom should be inviting to both sexes and create a sense of sex appeal. Think silk, velvet, cashmere and soft fabrics. A fur throw can provide that sensual appeal. Your bed linens should be of the highest quality you can afford.

  6. We love our pillows. The perfect balance is to have 2 queen size pillows against the headboard, with 2 standard size pillows in front and then a lumbar pillow in the middle.

  7. A comfy rug is always nice to land on when you throw your feet out of bed. The ideal floor covering gives you 20 inches of rug on each side of the bed.

  8. Finally, hang something that brings you joy or inspiration opposite the bed. Let this be the last thing you see at night and first thing in the morning. It will set the tone for your day.

Now, please take a look around. If your room isn't a place for passion, follow these simple tips and let the love in.

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