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Merry Welcome to my blog page! 

I am so excited to go through this journey with you.  As we go along this path, I plan to post on a frequent basis. I don't want you to get bored, but at the same time I also don't want to bombard you with postings.  Because to be honest, I'm kinda private.  A woman of few words.  But with that being said, my topics might range from the personal, to decorating, to my experience with recent services and purchases, all the way to general musings on life.  I do hope that you will want to come back for more!  Thanks so much for stopping by.


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The Money Juggle

Money tips

In the April 2016 issue of Redbook Magazine, the question was asked "Would you rather post your credit card statement or your salary to Facebook for everyone to see?" The results were evenly split 50/50. Both are a terrifying thought. So in the spirit of full disclosure, take a moment to contemplate why you wouldn't want this shared? You might ask yourself the following.

  • Am I making impulse purchases?

  • Is my spending out of control?

  • Am I embarrassed how I spend my money?

  • Do I carry a lot of debt?

  • Is my salary where I want it? If not, how can I get there?

  • What is my debt to salary ratio?

Should I create a budget to better plan for my financial future?

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